Areas of Specialty

  • Learn the language of your unique body + heart + mind + soul

  • Connect and trust the guidance and wisdom of your body

  • Open your heart to hear the whispers of your dreams

  • Bring balance and harmony to your energy system

  • Heal yourself through presence and love

  • Slow down + receive the beauty of your sacred aliveness

  • Find freedom to express yourself exactly as you are

  • Restore and deeply honor the sacredness of self

  • Weave love and compassion into the fabric of your daily life

  • Remember how you are innately connected to the Divine

  • Restore your connection to Mother Earth

  • Witness the story of your life

  • Alchemize your experience into wisdom

  • Build a sustainable, nourishing, heart-led life

Coaching Format Available

  • Zoom video calls


Coaching Offering Rates

  • 1- 60 minute session $125

  • 4- 60 minute session package $400


 Holistic Transformational Coaching 


My passion in life is helping other people see how Sacred and wildly beautiful they are! I love the liberation that comes from transformational Soul work. When we choose to step into our life, we become fully alive! I want to help others find the delicious dance of Wholeness within themselves, their lives and relationships.

I believe it is important to come home to your own body, know your mind, trust your emotions as messengers, let your spirit guide you and follow your own Soul journey. While we cannot always control what events happen in our life, we do author our own story. I love reminding people of how creative, powerful and loving they are.

My sessions are a focused way to connect our mind, body, heart and spirit. Many people right now feel challenged by living in their bodies, overwhelmed by their emotions, sensations and thoughts. I love working with people to slow down and learn to really listen to what their whole being is trying to communicate to them. I am a trained Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). I hold compassion and love at the core of my sessions to bring presence to what is most needed to help you remember your true state of Wholeness. When we begin to love ourselves, we create space to divinely feel into our human experience, embodying our Highest Self. We bring all of our celestial helpers into this process and the love of our Mother Earth and remember how Magical we are!


If we can meet challenging life events with curiosity, creativity, love and presence…we have already begun to alchemize the pain and turn it into Magic! Love is the name of the game. When you can embody love, your life will change and become more joy-filled. Let's wipe the illusion from our eyes and remember how Sacred and Eternally beautiful we truly are.


Retreats & Workshops


Retreats and Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to get out of our daily routines, slow down and set aside time to do our healing work in community. Group work is supportive and transformative when held in a Sacred space because the energetic container is so much larger! It also can be restorative meeting new people who share a common goal around Sacred Soul work. You are never alone on this journey.