• Christine Lord

Channeled Guidance for November 23rd, 2020- Finding Grace Through the Storm

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I know this has been a challenging time for all of us on this planet. We look to the sky and see the storm forming in the clouds. We have endured so much already this year and now we are here again, looking outside from a window inside our homes. Just like in a storm, we want to find shelter and be safe and now our bodies and our minds know how hard these storms can be. So much stress, boredom, fear and rebellion held in our energy field. Our eyes and ears no longer see the storm and think impending doom, we have somehow survived the hardest part…the very first transition. Now every storm that comes after the first is an opportunity. An opportunity to watch transformation in this very moment. Watching our enlightenment unfold.

When we are at home with little to do there is so much time to really sit in the present moment. To think about our life, what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes you might even realize how much you don’t like your furniture! When we have so much time on our hands we can’t help but take a fearless inventory of our “home.” This is the perfect moment to dig deep and find out what needs to be changed, connect with our values, and really decide which direction we would like to face. “How can I redirect my energy?” is one of the most important questions I have asked myself this year. What if we all could ask our higher self what needs to be let go of and what can we invite into our life to live in alignment with our soul? Imagine the ripples of change that would be felt around the world!

I know this journey hasn’t been easy this year. Dreams have felt distant and unattainable. And some dreams have actually died. But we have wells of resiliency inside of us that may have never been tapped like they are now. With every death there is rebirth. How can this be an opportunity to find a new path, a new direction to find harmony within our lives for the highest good of ourselves and the collective? Allow. Allow yourself to be with what is and begin to see yourself in your truest nature. Your light is so bright, no storm could ever over shadow its radiance.

We are learning how to move with courage, integrity and heart. We are prioritizing what is most important to ourselves, friends, families, and communities. We take action with confidence and bring nothing on the journey that we can’t carry. It is time now for our authentic hearts to be heard, whispers in our dreams can now be made manifest. What is transforming deeply within you now? How are you letting your heart guide you home?

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