• Christine Lord

The Empath's Sacred Body

The Empath or High-Sensitive Person's body is truly magical. We have the gift of connecting deeply to others, nature and energy. But the world is noisy. So noisy in fact, that sometimes we cannot connect to our own inner guidance. We can become consumed by the internal stress of daily life, the emotions of others at work or with loved ones and even the state of the world! When an Empath can't hear their own inner wisdom and truth, life can quickly become uncomfortable, leading to feelings of confusion and overwhelm.

As empaths we know how beautiful and challenging our bodies can be to inhabit but when we are feeling disconnected, scattered, unfocused, or confused, it is vital to find a nourishing way to get grounded and reconnected. So many of us empaths have struggled with the discomfort of unpleasant sensations, emotions and thoughts that we have learned how to avoid, unplug, and bypass the needs of our body.

It is crucial to learn how to hold space for our experiences, even the uncomfortable ones, so that we can share our Light with the world. Our hearts are so big and came here to share the love that naturally flows through us. So in order for us to find balance, peace and direction, grounding is a beautiful way to show up for our Sacred Body.

Mother Earth has a beautiful way to help us find our way back home, to our Self. All of her elements can help us ground and find safety in our bodies and reconnect us back to our Sacred Self. Water can be relaxing, rejuvenating and cleansing. Earth is grounding, supportive and stabilizing. Air, through our breath, can circulate and inspire our aliveness and bring us back to the present moment. Fire brings focus, clarity, passion and an opportunity to release.

So, I invite you to take the time to slow down, deeply listen and honor your deep needs and dreams. We are just as important as everyone else on this planet and deserve to receive the gift of our own love.

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