• Christine Lord

The Sacred Nectar of Life

I have often wondered how people have endured such intolerable times and events in life. As a psychotherapist I have devoted my professional life to understanding this concept. I have studied history around war and oppression, reading books and watching movies about these horrific human experiences. I even became trauma trained so that I could more deeply explore what the psyche experiences and how to recover.

After this past year with COVID and the racial inflammation across the country, and the deep political polarization within our families and communities, I felt at times like I was going to explode with sensation and emotion. How will I endure this I asked? How will WE endure this? How did our ancestors endure this suffering? The answer was simple, quiet and extremely powerful.


Having gratitude for life, even in the face of death. To appreciate the beauty of this earth. Hearing the simple pleasure of the robin’s song. To feel the warmth of the afternoon sun. To laugh out loud. To touch and feel the sacredness of my body and to connect with the bodies of my loved ones. To taste the food that nourishes my existence. To see the insanity around me and know myself. To dance and sing from my soul. To be inspired by the love of others. To have reverence for the Creator and Divine Intelligence.

This is how people endure. Through connection and love.

I am here. I am sacred. I am love.

Thank you life for giving me the sweet nectar of love to sustain me on this journey.

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