• Christine Lord

Transformation is Messy

Transformation can be quite the mess! Transformation is literally breaking down an old structure to create something new. I know, we all want to romanticize transformation…” It’s so wonderful and beautiful like a butterfly!”

But sometimes its messy! More often than not it can be frustrating, chaotic, filled with grief, disorienting and even leave you feeling stuck. Blood, sweat and tears baby.

Part of embracing wholeness is allowing life to be what it is, in that very moment. Sure, there is going to be light, joy, peace and meaning in transformation too! Whether it is intermittently or at the end, it is part of the process (thank goodness otherwise who would want to do it?!).

As I move into my new home right now, I am reminded of what it is like to make a huge shift in energy. To literally let go and surrender to a new way.

As I packed my boxes up, leaving my old home, I felt as though I was packing up myself. And on the other side now in my new home, I have been opening up the boxes, remembering and reorienting. Remembering who I am and what my soul wants me to do. It’s time to leave a lot of things behind, lighten the load and look forward. Make peace with the past and kiss it goodbye.

We are also shifting collectively! We are in a state of reorienting to the present moment and connecting with our truth. So, if you are feeling it…don’t worry, you are not alone!

1. Pause and get grounded

2. Tap into the present

3. Listen deeply to your body, emotions and thoughts

4. Bring in compassion and

5. Engage in sacred action (or non-action!)

6. Repeat as often as needed!

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