• Christine Lord

What If Emotions Aren't Good or Bad?

Humans are funny creatures. We love pleasure and comfort and we hate pain and discomfort. Can you blame us?!

Being an empath or high-sensitive can really intensify this pattern because we feel SO much a LOT of the time!

I see many people struggling to hear their inner wisdom because they are judging what they are feeling as good or bad.

“I shouldn’t be feeling angry or shameful,” so they bypass the wisdom that is held in their shame.

“The discomfort in my body is so uncomfortable,” and then they shut it down or overly identify with it and become it rather than learn the soul teaching of slowing down or loving and honoring their body.

Pain and discomfort show us what needs our attention. It is not inherently bad, it is a warning system.

What happens is we begin to build a relationship with our sensations, emotions and thoughts and decide if its good or bad, if we like it or don’t like it and then act accordingly.

As you can already imagine, this is the creation of the relationship narrative we then have with that specific experience. Over and over again.

“I can’t get angry because I always lose my mind!”

“I’m just so helpless in my physical pain, so why bother?”

“I spent too long in shame, I’m not going there again!”

We also can get addicted to feeling good, peaceful, loving and harmonious. Then we cling and grip because we don’t want it to go. And even judge ourselves for not being able to maintain it!

If we can hold space to hear the story of our emotions, thoughts and sensations,

truly let them be neutral for a moment,

to be purely a piece of information to show us what is going on,

and bring curiosity and wonder to the aliveness that is unfolding within,

we could more easily connect with the heart and truth of what is moving through us.

Then in that place, we can hear the wisdom that is trying to be heard and take sacred loving action.

Life will be filled with ups and downs and comfort and discomfort.

Let your body hold the container for you to read your sacred text. Your soul is talking to you.

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