• Christine Lord

Winter Solstice 2020

Beloved, this has been an auspicious time, hidden in the dark + empty places of the body + psyche. The lunar and solar eclipses have passed and now we are in the portal of the Winter Solstice.

My body feels the light codes streaming in despite the cloudy gray darkness that is all around. Now we will be able to access what was just out of reach before. Life is shifting and unseen obstacles are moving allowing us to see + connect with the Beauty and Sacredness of All.

I open my heart, eyes + arms to receive the new light codes of the descending dove. I receive these codes, the blueprint for the New Dream. Through our breath we breathe life into the New Beginning. Shifting, breaking open the trapped + frozen energies of our own limitations. Releasing us now into our Liberation of Light.

We are moving into a state of being that is balance in sacredness, joy + the celebration of our aliveness + interconnection. The Winter Solstice doors are open + Divine Light is streaming in.

Follow your heart + allow the transformation to happen. Use the wisdom of the moon to guide you deeply into the dark recesses of your mind to show you where the Light must go. Let it consume you beloved, let it rapture you.

Surrender to the truth of who you are + always have been. Awaken to the dream, the New Dream where we dance in loving harmony with the Earth, Sun + Moon, sharing this creation and wonder. Come home to your Sacred Light!

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