"Guiding Spiritual Women Back to Their

Ancient Wisdom So They Can Reclaim

Their Wholeness and Embody a

Magical & Nourishing Life"

Building a Relationship With Your Sacred Self

My Heart Offerings

Living sustainably from a place of Wholeness is a lifelong journey. When we bring presence to our Sacred Self through love, we nourish our Soul. This opens us to live life in harmony with all creation. We all need a place to slow down, listen to our ancient wisdom and connect to Source energy so that we may continue giving from a place of self-love, joy and delight. I work with individuals through 1:1 Therapy + Guidance Sessions and also with groups in workshops and retreat settings.


Christine Lord

Welcome gentle heart and wild Soul! 


I am a spiritual/energy healer and licensed psychotherapist who uses somatic processing to help restore the Sacred Self. I weave the wisdom I have gathered over the years into my sessions to help empaths embrace their Sacred Wholeness and reclaim their Sovereignty and Aliveness. I unite these teachings with my values of love and compassion to provide healing on multidimensional levels.


I am deeply devoted to the Restoration of Sacredness on this planet and I believe it begins with you! I help empaths give back to humanity and the Earth sustainably from a place of Harmony and Wholeness.

My Daily Inspiration