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Living sustainably from a place of Wholeness is a lifelong journey. When we bring presence to our Sacred Self through love, we nourish our Soul. This opens us to live life in harmony with all creation. We all need a place to slow down, listen to our ancient wisdom and connect to Source energy so that we may continue giving from a place of self-love, joy and delight. I work with individuals and with groups in workshops and retreat settings.


Wholeness Therapy

Bring Presence, compassion and love to your mind, body, heart and spirit on your healing journey. Learn how to hold space for and listen to your experiences and energy patterns to transform life's challenges into wisdom.

Body Wisdom Coaching

Body wisdom coaching is an opportunity for everyday people to learn skills to listen to their inner guidance. Learn how to navigate your nervous system responses, emotions and mind narratives to hear the wisdom of your soul and transform your life. 



Retreats for helping and healing professionals take time to nourish their own body, heart and soul. Workshops to learn embodiment techniques, go deeper on your personal journey and learn new ways of building a sacred relationship with yourself.

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