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Body Wisdom Coaching

My passion in life is helping other people see how Sacred and wildly beautiful they are! I believe it is important to come home to your own body, connect with your heart and know your mind. While we cannot always control what events happen in our life, we do create the story of our life. I love reminding people how creative, powerful and magical they are.


My sessions are a sacred space where you can connect with your mind, body, heart and soul. Many people right now are feeling challenged by living in their bodies, overwhelmed by their emotions, sensations and thoughts. I love working with people to slow down and learn to deeply listen to what is present. I hold compassion and love at the core of my sessions to bring presence to what is most needed to help you remember your true state of Wholeness. When we begin to love ourselves, we create space to divinely feel into our human experience and can then begin to safely embody our Highest Self. 


Areas of Specialty

  • Building a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Listening to your intuition and inner guidance

  • Boundaries

  • Mindfulness and embodiment

  • Being in harmony with your emotions

  • Embracing your wholeness-Shadow and Light

  • Finding balance with your energy patterns

  • Authentic expression and communication

  • Gathering your wisdom

Contact me to learn more about Body Wisdom Coaching

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