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My Soul Clients

I hold sacred space for high-sensitives, empaths, lightworkers, healers (& wounded healers),
mothers, creatives, introverts, agents of social change, and spiritual seekers. I love
helping those who help others because I know how much beauty and pain there can be
on the healer’s journey. The helpers of the world need to learn how to nourish and love
themselves. The relationship we have with our Self is the most intimate and long-term
relationship we will ever have.

Many high-sensitives are prone to overwhelm, anxiety, depression and stress and
struggle with slowing down and listening to their own needs. Trying to exist in this
modern world of over-stimulation, achievement-driven, and fast-paced living can
become exhausting for the sensitive soul. Together 
we can explore and find their own natural cycles and rhythms in life so they can have more clarity, peace and freedom.


“I weave the wisdom I have gathered over the years to help people align with the wisdom of their Soul…” - Christine Lord

My clients may...

  • Feel overwhelmed in their body, heart and/or mind

  • Have anxiety around the future and being in the unknown

  • Have difficulties trusting their own intuition and body wisdom

  • Struggle with over-giving in relationships which leave them feeling unseen, depleted and frustrated

  • Feel hurried, distracted, tired and have a tendency of overthinking 

  • Recognize past hurts and traumas are limiting their present experiences

  • Feel challenged by a new transition in their life bringing up old emotional patterns

I help my clients to...

  • Feel seen, heard and valued

  • Feel more focused and present in life

  • Trust their intuition + know what they want + need

  • Know what to do when they are feeling overwhelmed

  • Feel nourished and rejuvenated emotionally and physically 

  • Be empowered to set boundaries

  • Bring more unconditional love and acceptance into their life

  • Feel more alive and joyful

  • Understand and have clarity on why they feel the way they do

I do not...

  • I do not provide a mental health diagnosis

  • I do not treat severe and persistent mental health issues

  • I do not accept insurance

  • I do not work with families, children or teens

  • I can’t “fix” you (because you’re not broken)

  • I will not disempower you by telling you how to live your life

  • I cannot “cure” you from the human condition but I will walk with you and teach you how to create loving space for all parts of you

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