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Wholeness Therapy

I hold sacred space and offer guidance for sensitive souls so they can travel through the transformational process. I help high sensitives and empaths see their own unique gifts and life purpose, trust their intuition and needs, integrate emotions, become safely embodied, navigate life’s ups and downs, and find peace and fulfillment in relationships and life.


Areas of Focus for Wholeness Therapy

  • Heal old patterns that are outdated and no longer serving you

  • Alchemize your life experiences into wisdom and release trauma

  • Heal yourself through presence, love and embodiment

  • Learn the language of your unique body + heart + mind + soul

  • Connect and trust the guidance and wisdom of your body

  • Learn how to let emotions move through you

  • Understand your energy system and how it gets drained or inspired

  • Slow down + receive the beauty of your sacred aliveness

  • Find freedom to express yourself authentically and with integrity

  • Create a nourishing relationship with yourself

  • Restore your connection to Mother Earth and the Divine

  • Build a sustainable, nourishing, soul-led life

Contact me to learn more about Wholeness Therapy

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