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My Method

With compassion and curiosity, I guide my clients to build a sacred container to explore their mind, body and spirit.  Through deep presence and awareness, we slow down to listen to the language and wisdom of the body. The body speaks through sensations, showing us energetic patterns and flight/fight/freeze responses.


We listen to the messages of the heart where  you can connect with your emotions. I also invite the mind energy forward, after the body and heart have been invited to be heard, because most people are ruled by their minds and thoughts. The mind can show us the narrative or belief systems that are present in your energetic field.


With this information we can clearly see the story of the pattern unfolding and can then move forward with sacred action. Once we bring consciousness to what is, there is a clearing process that naturally occurs which creates more space for the Soul to enter and provide a grounded clarity. With this clarity, my clients can access their inner guidance and truth to create the next steps on their empowered life journey.

How to work with me

  • I provide sessions via telehealth so you can enjoy your healing sessions from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to see me in-person, please attend one of my workshops or retreats!

  • Rates: $125 per 50-60 minute session

  • I do not accept insurance

  • Please contact me to set up a complimentary 30 minute discovery call!

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