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Restoring Wholeness


Welcome gentle heart and wild Soul! My name is Christine and my heart is so happy to meet you. I enjoy working with high-sensitive, empathic, big-hearted, mystical Souls who are sharing their gifts with the world through their art, writing, activism, healing, business or spirituality to bring love and harmony to humanity and the Earth. 

I began my journey as a healer, first as a social worker, and then decided to become a licensed psychotherapist in Minnesota. As a therapist, I took a deep dive into understanding the many aspects of working with trauma. I learned how to apply a somatic lens to healing and deeply connect with the body and nervous system through Somatic Experiencing (SE).  I fell in love with mindfulness, learning how to slow down and bring presence to the felt-sense in our body, heart and mind.


I then chose to understand energy healing and became a Reiki Master. I loved learning about spiritual teachings and felt more whole when I brought spirituality into my healing space. I also have learned from my indigenous teachings from the Mexica tradition, how to honor the Earth and connect with ceremony to celebrate the beauty of life. All of life is ceremony, it takes love and devotion to see and experience that every day.


I weave the wisdom I have gathered over the years into my sessions to help people restore the relationship with their Sacred Self, to find harmony in their life and reclaim their Sacred Wholeness. I help people to remember how to find energetic balance in their whole being.  I unite these teachings with my values of love, freedom, sacredness, harmony and wholeness to bring you healing on multidimensional levels.

I am deeply devoted to the Restoration of Sacredness on this planet and I believe it begins with you! I help people give back to humanity and the Earth sustainably from a place of Wholeness, deep care, love, freedom, and presence.


I create Sacred Space for people to come into communion and harmony with Source energy. It is in this place you can reflect, receive your inner guidance and transform so you can live an embodied, free and wonder-filled life.

My wish for you is to celebrate and live from a place of Sacred Aliveness. It is through connecting with our Sacred Self that we are able to bring a new vision and dream to Restoring the Sacredness here on Earth in these times. As we restore our own Sacredness, we restore the Sacredness of the Earth.  

I also believe it is vital to be in community with our Soul family, to share our journey with one another and feel supported on the path of our life purpose. Sharing our stories, our laughter and our tears reminds us of our Sacred connection in the web of life. On this journey we walk hand in hand with our ancestors and guides, surrendering to the Great Mystery of life.